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Gun Detacher

Gun Detacher

Haifem Solutions is actively engaged in offering our customers quality collection of Gun detachers that are designed for purification of particles in an easy manner. We are known for providing the best quality of gun detacher to our worldwide clients. Our Gun Detacher works with “SuperTag” style tags and easily removes them on the spot. It is a lightweight hand-held "gun" made of engineering plastic, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The gun can also be used to screw the hard-tag pins back up, using the slot under the detacher.
Some unique features of Gun Detacher are given below 
1. Widely used at check-out counters and can be easily removed EAS hard tags from merchandise
2. It can be customized, strong magnetic or normal magnetic 
3. It can be flexible to 4500GS to 16000GS
4. Easy operation and kinds of attractive designs
5. Tough, Secure and Reusable