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AM Bottle & Milk Tag

AM Bottle & Milk Tag

T?he AM Bottle & Milk Tag provides secure anti-theft protection for a wide variety of bottled wine and spirits. This versatile hard tag features an adjustable multi-strand stainless-steel reinforced strap that attaches to assorted bottle neck sizes for a strong visual deterrent. Tags manufactured by Haifem Solutions have some unique features and its small form factor does not interfere with brand promotion or product merchandising, while its intuitive design is quickly and easily applied and removed, helping improve in-store operations.
Some unique features of AM Bottle & Milk Tag X50 are given below, 
1. Strong visual deterrent protects bottled wines and spirits without damage
2. Minimizes impact on store merchandising and brand promotion
3. Easy application and removal ensure ease of use at POS
4. Promotes open merchandising for increase sales