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Large Flat Pencil Tag

Large Flat Pencil Tag

Pencil tags are lightweight slim EAS tags, with well detection performance. It is cost optimized hard tag, suitable for a wide range of products. The lightweight design is ideal for protection of some delicate apparel. Large Flat Pencil Tags manufactured by Haifem Solutions are ideal for wide exit coverage areas. It is one of our most popular reusable hard tag and available for any door entry/exit security system and available in all EAS frequencies. Our quality pencil tags are large enough and widely used by clients from all across the country. Our quality product made us the best pencil tag manufacturer in India. 
Some unique features of Large Flat Pencil Tag are given below, 
1. Sleek and thin design   
2. Offering robust engineering, easy in-store application, and removal at the point of sale. 
3. Inner ferrite coil provides reliable detection for optimal merchandise protection
4. Smart in size and widely used in distinct areas
5. Widely Applied on Apparels, bags, shoes, watches etc